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Being a committed student..

I really don’t understand how someone can sit here and say that they worked sooo hard in high school, and couldn’t have handled any more work after saying they were only involved in one org and had a total of 20 community service hours throughout high school. I just really don’t. 

This is not meant to be a bragging post, but throughout my high school years, I was an active member in at least 2 clubs at all times, as well as Associate Student Body (planning prom, parades, and all sorts of other events), and sports for two solid years. Then I had 2 knee surgeries in the off years when I wasn’t playing sports, my step-dad committed suicide when I was home just before my only other sibling left to college, and on top of that, had to deal with all the emotions that come along with being a teenage girl. Still, I managed to do around 4,000 hours of community service total. Yes, 4,000, that was not a type-o. Side note, our high school only gave cords to students with over 250 hours total from 4 years. 

So when you say that you did 20 hours of community service, and got a cord, possibly fudging some of them anyway, please realize that that is not a huge life accomplishment.